UPF Founders

About the Founders

Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, founded the Universal Peace Federation in 2005.

Rev. Moon was born a farmer's son on January 6, 1920, in what is now North Korea. He began his ministry after World War II and was later imprisoned in a communist labor camp for three years before being liberated by UN forces during the Korean War in 1950. He came to the United States in 1971. On September 3, 2012 (July 18, lunar calendar), he passed away at the age of 92.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon have proposed a revitalized, renewed United Nations. More than 50,000 diplomats, clergy, civic leaders, current and former heads of state have been appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Among the programs of the UPF are leadership conferences and regional peace initiatives. UPF promotes the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and encourages people to work for peace through serving their communities. Rev. and Mrs. Moon's lifelong goal has been "One Family Under God."

As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's autobiography

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's autobiography shares stories of his family and childhood and his calling from God. The early years of the Unification Church, the expansion to an international ministry, and the importance of global wedding ceremonies are all explained in first-hand accounts. Rev. Moon's love for nature, his deep respect for all people, and his single-minded determination to see God's ideal realized are central themes in As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

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Mother of Peace

Discover the untold story of Hak Ja Han Moon, the North Korean village girl who is now known to millions as the Mother of Peace.

Over her 50 years of public ministry, the Mother of Peace, affectionately known as Mother Moon, has dedicated her life to the realization of peace. Acting in the role of humanity’s parents, she and her husband created non-profit organizations, businesses, conferences and awards spanning every facet of society and culture to support resolving historical wounds and finding solutions to the world’s many problems. At the root of all their initiatives is a path to strengthen families and prevent the breakdown of society through the Marriage Blessing movement. As the only female religious leader operating on such a global level, her powerful message has inspired millions to transcend national, racial and ideological boundaries.

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