Peace and Security

UPF acknowledges the need for careful and proportionate use of power, including political, economic, military and civil society power to sustain lasting peace. However, we strongly emphasize "soft power" solutions as essential to peacebuilding. A leading exponent of “track two” diplomacy, UPF emphasizes the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “One family under God.”

Goal: Increase dialogue and understanding between parties in conflict
Methods: Consultations among scholars, diplomats, government officials, civil society representatives, and religious leaders; people-to-people diplomacy

Focusing on volatile areas of tension and conflict (Dr. Antonio Betancourt , Director, or Dr. William Selig , Deputy Director)

Jerusalem Peace and Security Forums - Exploring ways in which stable and sustainable peace and security can be established (Mrs. Adi Sasaki , Director)

Tokyo Forums - Addressing national and international security issues (Mr. Shigenari Kato , Director)